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Project Description

The DNNSchedulerDashboard control adds a new control to the DotNetNuke Dashboard module that monitors the execution of the tasks in the DNN Scheduler.

This control will keep host administrators informed on the tasks that are not executing on time.


You can install the new Dashboard control through the Extensions page as you would do with any other kind of extension (module, skin, ...).

How to use the Scheduler Dashboard

In the DotNetNuke Dashboard you will find a new option "Scheduler Delayed Tasks" that displays the scheduler tasks that have been executed at a later timing than what was expected. The amount of time by which a task is considered to be late can be configured on the control, as well as the number of past days the report should display.

Note: when exporting the data, this module will only consider the active tasks that are delayed for more than 5 minutes in the last 7 days. There is currently no way why which the active settings on the page can be passed to the export option.


Sample screenshot on DNN 6 (pre beta)

 Scheduler Dashboard in DNN 6

Sample screenshot on DNN 5.6.2

 Scheduler Dashboard

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